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11742685-1-S-Whirlpool-WP4713-001165-Halogen Lamp - 20W 120V

Halogen Lamp - 20W 120V

EAP Number: EAP11742685
Manufacturer: Whirlpool
Part Number: WP4713-001165

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Works with the following brands: Maytag, Jenn-Air, Amana.
Works with the following products: Microwave.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP11742685
Manufacturer Part Number: WP4713-001165
Brand Model Number Description
AmanaAMV5206BABMicrowave - Hood Combo
AmanaAMV5206BASMicrowave - Hood Combo
AmanaAMV5206BAWMicrowave - Hood Combo
AmanaAMV6167BDBMicrowave - Hood Combo
AmanaAMV6167BDSMicrowave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8166BABMicrowave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8166BASMicrowave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8166BAWMicrowave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8186AABMicrowave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8186AASMicrowave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8186AAWMicrowave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8208BABMicrowave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8208BAB14Microwave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8208BASMicrowave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8208BAS14Microwave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8208BAWMicrowave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8208BAW15Microwave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8208BCBMicrowave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8208BCB14Microwave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8208BCSMicrowave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8208BCS14Microwave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8208BCWMicrowave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV8208BCW15Microwave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV9169BABMicrowave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV9169BAPMicrowave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV9169BASMicrowave - Hood Combo
Jenn-AirJMV9169BAWMicrowave - Hood Combo
MaytagMMV5207BABMicrowave - Hood Combo
MaytagMMV5207BAB14Microwave - Hood Combo
MaytagMMV5207BAQMicrowave - Hood Combo