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11747252-1-S-Whirlpool-WP9759474-Inifinite Switch

Inifinite Switch

EAP Number: EAP11747252
Manufacturer: Whirlpool
Part Number: WP9759474

This switch is used for the right rear and left front burner.

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Works with the following brands: Whirlpool.
Works with the following products: Cooktop.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP11747252
Manufacturer Part Number: WP9759474
Brand Model Number Description
Whirlpool8286614Cooktop - COUNTER UNIT
WhirlpoolGJC3034LB0Cooktop - Electric Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034LB01Cooktop - Electric Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034LB02Cooktop - Built-in, 30", Electric
WhirlpoolGJC3034LC01Cooktop - Electric Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034LC02Cooktop - Built-in, 30", Electric
WhirlpoolGJC3034LCOCooktop - Electric Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034LP0Cooktop - Electric Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034LP01Cooktop - Electric Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034LP02Cooktop - Built-in, 30", Electric
WhirlpoolGJC3034LQ0Cooktop - Electric Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034LQ01Cooktop - Electric Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034LQ02Cooktop - Built-in, 30", Electric
WhirlpoolGJC3034LT0Cooktop - Electric Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034LT01Cooktop - Electric Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034LT02Cooktop - Built-in, 30", Electric
WhirlpoolGJC3034RB00Cooktop - Electric
WhirlpoolGJC3034RB01Cooktop - Electric Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034RB02Cooktop - Electric, Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034RB03Cooktop - Electric, Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034RB04Cooktop - Electric, Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034RB05Cooktop - Electric, Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034RB06Cooktop - Electric 30", Built-in, Ceran
WhirlpoolGJC3034RC00Cooktop - Electric
WhirlpoolGJC3034RC01Cooktop - Electric Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034RC02Cooktop - Electric, Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034RC03Cooktop - Electric, Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034RC04Cooktop - Electric, Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034RC05Cooktop - Electric, Counter Unit
WhirlpoolGJC3034RP00Cooktop - Electric