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268096-1-S-GE-WE4X601           -Cycling Thermostat - Limit: 135-15

Cycling Thermostat - Limit: 135-15

EAP Number: EAP268096
Manufacturer: GE
Part Number: WE4X601

This thermostat has a limit of 135 degrees Fahrenheit and a differential of 15 degrees. This means that your dryer's heating element will cut out at 135 degrees Fahrenheit and kick back in when the dryer's internal temperature drops by 15 degrees.

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Works with the following brands: General Electric, Hotpoint, Kenmore.
Works with the following products: Dryer.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP268096
Manufacturer Part Number: WE4X601
Brand Model Number Description
General ElectricDDE058DGALDryer - ELECTRIC DRYER
General ElectricDDE4000Dryer - ELECTRIC DRYER
General ElectricDDE5100Dryer - ELECTRIC DRYER
General ElectricDDE5806Dryer - ELECTRIC DRYER
General ElectricDDE5808Dryer - ELECTRIC DRYER
General ElectricDDE5944VELDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE5944VJLDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE6350BBLDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE6350BCLDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE6350GALDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE6350GBLDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE6407LALDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE6500GALDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE6500GBLDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE6608LALDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE7100MALDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE7100MBLDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE7100MCLDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE7100MDLDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE7100RALDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE7106RALDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE7107RALDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE7108VJLDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE7109VMLDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE7109VNLDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE7110VMLDryer - Electric
General ElectricDDE7110VNLDryer - Electric