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Compressor Controller

EAP Number: EAP287816
Manufacturer: GE
Part Number: WR07X10020

This part is both the start relay and the overload. The start relay boosts the compressor, and then shuts off as soon as the motor gets up to speed and the overload provides extra protection against excessive temperatures.

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Works with the following brands: General Electric.
Works with the following products: Freezer.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP287816
Manufacturer Part Number: WR07X10020
Brand Model Number Description
General ElectricFCM20DPBWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM20DPCWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM20DPDWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM20DPEWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM25DABWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM25DACWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM25DMAWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM25DMDWHFreezer
General ElectricFCM25DSAWHFreezer
General ElectricFUF17DMERWHFreezer
General ElectricFUF17DPARWHFreezer
General ElectricFUM17DMARWHFreezer
General ElectricFUM17DMBRWHFreezer
General ElectricFUM17DMDRWHFreezer
General ElectricFUM17SMARWHFreezer