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293474-1-S-GE-WR17X3691         -Front Door Shelf Retainer Bar

Front Door Shelf Retainer Bar

EAP Number: EAP293474
Manufacturer: GE
Part Number: WR17X3691

End caps sold separately.

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Works with the following brands: Hotpoint, General Electric.
Works with the following products: Refrigerator.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP293474
Manufacturer Part Number: WR17X3691
Brand Model Number Description
General ElectricA3315ABRERWWRefrigerator
General ElectricA3315ABRFRWWRefrigerator
General ElectricA3317ABRERWWRefrigerator
General ElectricA3317ABRFRWWRefrigerator
HotpointCTE14CYTBRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer Top Mount
HotpointCTE14CYTDRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTE14CYTJRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer International
HotpointCTE16CYTBRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer Top Mount
HotpointCTE16CYTDRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer
HotpointCTG14EAXHRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer 95 International Model
HotpointCTG14EAZBRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer Z Series
HotpointCTG16EAABRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer A Series
HotpointCTG16EAACRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer A Series
HotpointCTG16EABDRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer B Series
HotpointCTG16EACBRWWRefrigerator - Top Freezer C Series
HotpointCTG16EACCRWWRefrigerator - Top Freezer C Series
HotpointCTG16EAXHRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer 95 International Model
HotpointCTG16EAZBRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer Z Series
HotpointCTG16GABDRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer B Series
HotpointCTG16GACBRWWRefrigerator - Top Freezer C Series
HotpointCTG16GACCRWWRefrigerator - Top Freezer C Series
HotpointCTG16GAZBRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer Z Series
HotpointCTG16GAZCRWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer Z Series
HotpointCTG16GAZERWHRefrigerator - Top Freezer Z Series
HotpointCTH14CYBELAARefrigerator - Top Freezer B Series
HotpointCTH14CYBELWWRefrigerator - Top Freezer B Series
HotpointCTH14CYBERAARefrigerator - Top Freezer B Series
HotpointCTH14CYBERWWRefrigerator - Top Freezer B Series
HotpointCTH14CYBLLAARefrigerator - Top Freezer B Series
HotpointCTH14CYBLLWWRefrigerator - Top Freezer B Series