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306323-1-S-GE-WR71X2639         -Door Shelf Bin

Door Shelf Bin

EAP Number: EAP306323
Manufacturer: GE
Part Number: WR71X2639

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Works with the following brands: Hotpoint, General Electric.
Works with the following products: Refrigerator.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP306323
Manufacturer Part Number: WR71X2639
Brand Model Number Description
HotpointCSH22GRXAAARefrigerator - Side-by-side 95 Disp 20% Rebate
HotpointCSH22GRXAWWRefrigerator - Side-by-side 95 Disp 20% Rebate
HotpointCSH24GRXAAARefrigerator - Side-by-side 95 Disp 20% Rebate
HotpointCSH24GRXAWWRefrigerator - Side-by-side 95 Disp 20% Rebate
HotpointCSK22GAAAADRefrigerator - Side-by-side A Series
HotpointCSK22GABAAARefrigerator - Side-by-side B Series
HotpointCSK22GABAADRefrigerator - Side-by-side B Series
HotpointCSK22GABBAARefrigerator - Side-by-side B Series
HotpointCSK22GABBADRefrigerator - Side-by-side B Series
HotpointCSK22GABCAARefrigerator - Side-by-side B Series
HotpointCSK22GABCADRefrigerator - Side-by-side B Series
HotpointCSK22GABEAARefrigerator - Side-by-side B Series
HotpointCSK22GABEADRefrigerator - Side-by-side B Series
HotpointCSK22GABGAARefrigerator - Side-by-side B Series
HotpointCSK22GABGADRefrigerator - Side-by-side B Series
HotpointCSK22GABKAARefrigerator - Side-by-side B Series
HotpointCSK22GABKADRefrigerator - Side-by-side B Series
HotpointCSK22GAXAADRefrigerator - Side-by-side 95 Korean Non-disp
HotpointCSK22GAXBADRefrigerator - Side-by-side X Series
HotpointCSK22GAZAADRefrigerator - Side-by-side Z Series
HotpointCSK22GAZBADRefrigerator - Side-by-side Z Series
HotpointCSK22ZADAAARefrigerator - Side-by-side D Series
HotpointCSK24GRXAADRefrigerator - Side-by-side 95 Korean Disp
HotpointCSK24GRXDADRefrigerator - Side-by-side X Series
HotpointCSM22GRBCWWRefrigerator - Side-by-side B Series
HotpointCSM22GRBEWWRefrigerator - Side-by-side B Series
HotpointCSM22GRBGWWRefrigerator - Side-by-side B Series
HotpointCSM22GRDAWWRefrigerator - Side-by-side D Series
HotpointCST24GRXAAARefrigerator - Side-by-side