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Off-Switch Actuator Kit

EAP Number: EAP3489806
Manufacturer: Whirlpool
Part Number: W10342596

This kit contains the normally closed switch, toe guard, template, 2 screws and actuator. NOTE: This part has been redesigned by the manufacturer but will still function the same as the original part.

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Works with the following brands: KitchenAid, Jenn-Air.
Works with the following products: Trash Compactor.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP3489806
Manufacturer Part Number: W10342596
Brand Model Number Description
KitchenAidKUCC151LPA0Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCC151LPA1Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCC151LPA2Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCC151LSS0Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCC151LSS1Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCC151LSS2Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCS02FRPA0Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCS02FRPA1Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCS02FRSS0Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCS02FRSS1Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCS03FSSS0Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCS03FTPA0Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCS03FTSS0Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCV02FRMT0Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCV02FRMT1Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCV02FRSS0Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCV02FRSS1Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCV151MMT0Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCV151MMT1Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCV151MSS0Trash Compactor
KitchenAidKUCV151MSS1Trash Compactor
Jenn-AirTC607S0Trash Compactor
Jenn-AirTC607X0Trash Compactor
Jenn-AirTC707S0Trash Compactor - TRASH COMPACTOR