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Locating and replacing the directional cogs in your washer agitator top.

Directions for locating and replacing a washer's directional cogs:

Follow these detailed step-by-step instructions to help you locate and replace your Whirlpool (or Kenmore) worn agitator cogs:

  • Before you begin this or any other repair, disconnect the power supply to your washing machine. Either unplug the unit from the wall outlet, trip the appropriate switch in your fuse panel, or remove the correct fuse from your home's fuse box.
  • Raise the lid of your washing machine, and if your model uses a fabric softener dispenser, remove it from the top of the agitator by pulling it straight up and off.
  • Pry off the agitator's cap (if there is one) by wedging a small flat head screwdriver into the slot between the agitator and the cap.
  • Reach into the agitator top and pull up on the barrier cap and its seal (also called a gasket) to remove them.
  • Use a socket wrench with an extension or a nutdriver to remove the stud and the seal that hold the agitator top to the shaft of the agitator base.
  • Remove the agitator top by pulling it up off the agitator base. Turn the agitator top over, enabling the cam and the worn directional cogs to slide out. Examine the cam for wear, it also may need replacing.
  • Attach each of the new directional cogs to the cam. The small round piece at the base of each 'ear' is fitted into one of the cam's four slots. Your model may or may not make use of a black plastic agitator cam bearing. This cam bearing is used to help hold the cogs in place. If your model uses one, make sure you put it back on during the reassembly process.
  • Carefully insert the cam and new directional cogs into the agitator top the same way they came out. Place the agitator top over the agitator base. There are tabs on the top of the agitator base that line up with, and fit into, the slots of the cam.
  • If the cogs fall out of place during re-assembly, you will have to take the cam out of the agitator top again and re-insert the cogs.
  • Push down on the cam until its slots and the base's tabs snap together.
  • Insert the stud and seal into the shaft and use your wrench or nutdriver to tighten.
  • Make sure the black rubber gasket (seal) is situated properly in the groove of the barrier cap. Then push the barrier cap and seal down into the agitator past the holes.
  • Replace the agitator's cap or fabric dispenser, whichever your model uses.
  • Close the lid of your washing machine. Reconnect the power supply and test the machine to make sure it is working properly.