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How to replace a water filter

Changing your water filter is very easy. All filters come with easy to install instructions. Most filters are easily removed. Make a 1/4 turn the left to unlock the filter and then pull it out of the housing. To replace, insert a fresh filter from PartSelect.com into the housing and turn the filter 1/4 of a turn to the right. Remove and replace your water filter by brand name. Filters located in the base grille of your refrigerator These filters have a reusable knob. Hold the knob and make a 1/4 turn to the left. Pull the old filter out. Replace the knob on the new filter from PartSelect.com. Once the new filter is inserted, turn the knob a 1/4 turn to the right to lock it into place. Filters with a push-button filter This filter is located in the base grille. Press the large button next to the filter. The filter will pop out so you can grasp it. Pull the filter out and replace it with a new one from PartSelect.com. Push the filter back in until it clicks. Remember to take the cap off of the old filter and put it on the new replacement filter. Slide out filter. The cartridge is located in the front of the refrigerator compartment. Open the compartment and remove the filter. Replace with the new filter from PartSelect.com and slide the compartment back into place. Filters with housings Some filters are located in a round plastic housing. You may need a wrench if the filter was put in very tight. Once the housing is removed replace the filter inside with a new one from PartSelect.com and reinsert the housing and new filter in your refrigerator. **It is very important for you to flush a couple of gallons of water through your new filter. Most refrigerator water filters are made of carbon, and some carbon residue is present in the first gallon or two of water. This will leave a bitter taste and residue in your water.** Find your water filter More information on water and water filters.