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Admiral Stove Parts

Admiral Stove Parts

Don't let a broken Admiral Stove ruin your day. Repair your Stove with parts from We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all Admiral Stove parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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Oven Rack

Part Number: 7801P173-60
Easy Part Number: EAP2360328

Used in the lower oven. Sold individually.

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Clock Knob

Part Number: 7711P466-60
Easy Part Number: EAP2091583

Sold individually.

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Surface Burner Receptacle Kit

Part Number: 12001676
Easy Part Number: EAP1570190

This kit comes with one ceramic block, metal bracket, wires, and hi-temp wire nuts.

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Levelling Leg

Part Number: 74002557
Easy Part Number: EAP2081009

This leg is sold individually.

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Lamp Retainer Gasket

Part Number: 7201P015-60
Easy Part Number: EAP1643394

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Part Number: 4159193
Easy Part Number: EAP354074

This screw is sold individually.

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Door Glass Spacer

Part Number: 74003986
Easy Part Number: EAP1646197

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Oven Rack

Part Number: 71003346
Easy Part Number: EAP1642683

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Screw - sold individually

Part Number: 98008545
Easy Part Number: EAP974964

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Glass Clip - Black

Part Number: 7112P093-60
Easy Part Number: EAP1643208

This clip helps to hold the exterior glass in place. Order quantity required.

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Door Seal

Part Number: 7212P043-60
Easy Part Number: EAP2079300

This oven door seal prevents heat from escaping the oven cavity when in use. It contains all of the attaching clips needed for installation.