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Turntable Roller Guide

Part Number: WB06T10012
Easy Part Number: EAP952323

This roller is located underneath the glass turntable. With the help of the motor, this roller helps to rotate the glass tray. This part takes the place of the coupling.

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Oven Sensor

Part Number: WB23T10015
Easy Part Number: EAP236398

This temperature sensor detects the temperature within the oven cavity.

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Door Gasket

Part Number: WB04T10050
Easy Part Number: EAP1019820

This oven door gasket prevents heat from escaping the oven cavity when in use.

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Screw - 8/18 AB IHW 3/8 S

Part Number: WB01T10017
Easy Part Number: EAP222166

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Part Number: WR1X1850
Easy Part Number: EAP294660

This screw is sold individually.

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Part Number: WB27X10388
Easy Part Number: EAP239525

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Monitor Door Switch

Part Number: WB24X830
Easy Part Number: EAP237422

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Part Number: WB02T10289
Easy Part Number: EAP1020933

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Part Number: WB02T10017
Easy Part Number: EAP223451

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Part Number: WB1X536
Easy Part Number: EAP234785

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Part Number: WB27X10597
Easy Part Number: EAP239740

This part allows power to go one way only.