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Don't let a broken Hotpoint Appliance ruin your day. Repair your Appliance with parts from We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all Hotpoint Appliance parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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Ice Maker

Part Number: WR30X10093
Easy Part Number: EAP1993870

Replacement icemaker kit - electronic. This kit includes a 4 pin round plug-in connector, 6 post plug-in connector, tube and fill cup.

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Lower Front Dishrack Wheel

Part Number: WD12X271
Easy Part Number: EAP259136

This wheel is located on the front lower rack. It is sold individually and comes with the attaching axle.

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Retainer Bar End Cap

Part Number: WR2X9144
Easy Part Number: EAP299562

Sold individually.

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Door Shelf Retainer Bar End Cap - Left or Right Side

Part Number: WR2X8345
Easy Part Number: EAP298977

This end cap is sold individually. It can be used for the right or left side of either the freezer or refrigerator door shelves.

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Bake Element - 240V 2300W

Part Number: WB44X5082
Easy Part Number: EAP249466

This closed, hinged style bake element with screw in terminals is 15-1/4" long and 18-1/4" wide. The depth of the terminals is 2-1/2".

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Upper Roller and Axle - Kit of 4

Part Number: WD12X10327
Easy Part Number: EAP3486910

This is a package of 4.

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D-Shaped Knob Insert Clip

Part Number: WE1X980
Easy Part Number: EAP267091

Sold individually.

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Infinite Switch Kit

Part Number: WB21X5243
Easy Part Number: EAP235991

The infinite switch controls the stove top surface burner. This switch will work with most of the electrical range models with coil burner elements.

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Temperature Sensor

Part Number: WR55X10025
Easy Part Number: EAP304103

Also known as Thermistor. This part is used to sense the temperature in the cabinet.

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Door Shelf Retainer Bar End Cap

Part Number: WR2X9162
Easy Part Number: EAP299579

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Oven Rack

Part Number: WB48T10095
Easy Part Number: EAP6447646

Sold individually.