White-Westinghouse Washer Parts White-Westinghouse Washer Parts

White-Westinghouse Washer Parts

White-Westinghouse Washer Parts

Don't let a broken White-Westinghouse Washer ruin your day. Repair your Washer with parts from EasyApplianceParts.com. We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all White-Westinghouse Washer parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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Drain Hose

Part Number: 134592700
Easy Part Number: EAP1524515

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Agitator Drive Block

Part Number: 134418700
Easy Part Number: EAP1152574

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Drain Pump - 60Hz 120V

Part Number: 137108000
Easy Part Number: EAP2342445

This pump helps expel water from the washing machine and is activated after the spin speed is maintained for a specific period of time.

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Water Inlet Valve

Part Number: 134190200
Easy Part Number: EAP815509

This washing machine water inlet valve has two ports for water to enter.

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Washer Lid Lock with External Safety Switch

Part Number: 134101800
Easy Part Number: EAP648775

Mounting bracket on this part replaces old style ( You may need to drill off old bracket before mounting new lock).

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Part Number: 131258400
Easy Part Number: EAP417285

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Part Number: 137539500
Easy Part Number: EAP3655064

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Selector Knob

Part Number: 131141105
Easy Part Number: EAP416982

This white knob accepts a D-shaped shaft.

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Upper Spin Bearing Washer

Part Number: 5308002401
Easy Part Number: EAP473382

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Spin Bearing

Part Number: 3204405
Easy Part Number: EAP446536

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Pump to Tub Hose - Black

Part Number: 131494800
Easy Part Number: EAP417966