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15" White Plastic Compactor Bags - 60 Pack

EAP Number: EAP1964577
Manufacturer: Whirlpool
Part Number: W10165294RB

Plastic compactor bags. 50% post-consumer recycled plastic 3 millimeters thick to protect from tearing. Slip-N-Grip design prevents the bag from slipping into the compactor. Fits 15" rectangular compactors.

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Works with the following brands: KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Maytag, Jenn-Air, Kenmore.
Works with the following products: Trash Compactor.

This part works with the following models:

EasyAppliance Number: EAP1964577
Manufacturer Part Number: W10165294RB
Brand Model Number Description
KitchenAid4KUCC150S0Trash Compactor
KitchenAid4KUCC150S1Trash Compactor
KitchenAid4KUCC150S2Trash Compactor
KitchenAid4KUCC151T1Trash Compactor
KitchenAid4KUCC151T4Trash Compactor
Kenmore66513601790Trash Compactor
Kenmore66513603000Trash Compactor
Kenmore66513604000Trash Compactor
Kenmore66513605790Trash Compactor
Kenmore66513608790Trash Compactor
Kenmore66513612100Trash Compactor
Kenmore66513613100Trash Compactor
Kenmore66513614100Trash Compactor
Kenmore66513619100Trash Compactor
KitchenAid7KCCC150T0Trash Compactor
KitchenAid7KCCC150T1Trash Compactor
KitchenAid7KFCC150S1Trash Compactor
WhirlpoolGACP15XXMG2Trash Compactor
WhirlpoolGACP15XXMG3Trash Compactor
WhirlpoolGACP15XXMG4Trash Compactor
WhirlpoolGC900QPPB2Trash Compactor
WhirlpoolGC900QPPB3Trash Compactor
WhirlpoolGC900QPPB4Trash Compactor
WhirlpoolGC900QPPB5Trash Compactor - COMPACTOR
WhirlpoolGC900QPPB6Trash Compactor - TRASH COMPACTOR
WhirlpoolGC900QPPQ2Trash Compactor
WhirlpoolGC900QPPQ3Trash Compactor
WhirlpoolGC900QPPQ4Trash Compactor
WhirlpoolGC900QPPQ5Trash Compactor - COMPACTOR
WhirlpoolGC900QPPQ6Trash Compactor - TRASH COMPACTOR