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Fun & Helpful Information

Check out our fun and helpful collection of informative articles relating to household appliances and how they work. We'll discuss topics from repair information and helpful resources to electricity and how it works.

Facts and Information All About Energy This energy resource discusses potential and kinetic energy to the many energy sources including nuclear energy, ocean, wind and hydro energy as well as fossil fuel and natural gas.

Ham Radio Information and Resources Ham radio is a form of radio communication much like the public radio stations however it is used without any form of financial benefit. Learn ham radio terminology, call signs, licensing information and more.

How Does Electricity Work? Discover the many wonders of electricity and how it powers everything in your home. From circuits boards and electrical switches to wind turbines and Ben Franklin, get all the facts on electricity.

Kids Corner: What's up with Fusion, Energy and Magnetism? Learning about energy subjects like fusion, matter, electricity, and magnetism may be somewhat daunting for some middle or high school students. Use this resource to help teach kids about these important subjects.

Learning How to Solder: Repairing Electronics and Appliances Soldering is a process to join two or more pieces of metals by melting a part of the metal and then adding a filler metal to join them. Use this guide to learn everything you need to know about how to solder properly.

Kitchen Hazards - Appliance Safety We often consider the way we handle food, but neglect to pay attention to other things we use including appliances. A basic understanding of kitchen safety is a must for both young and old alike.

More Appliance Resources Check out these websites for additional information on household appliances, repair, and DIY resources.

An Easy Guide to Understanding Alternative Energy Alternative energy embodies usable energy sources that may replace fossil fuels without major, undesirable consequences.

The Educational Electricity Guide The invention of electricity in the 19th century signaled the beginning of the industrial age. With electricity, human beings had the means to light their homes and streets, heat their homes, power their machines, and mass produce goods in a factory.

Appliances: The History and Advancements of the Washer and Dryer How did we improve our washing methods since prehistory?

The Green Appliance: How to Save Energy in Your Home Replacing all the inefficient appliances with new energy-efficient models will reduce monthly utility charges. Experts agree that buying energy star appliances will reduce energy costs by a third for a typical family.