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Kenmore Oven Parts

Don't let a broken Kenmore Oven ruin your day. Repair your Oven with parts from We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all Kenmore Oven parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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Appliance Scraper

Part Number: WA906B
Easy Part Number: EAP408570

Use this scraper for your ceramic/glass cooktop. It has a retractable blade and is an all-purpose tool for cooktops, mirrors, windows and tile. Use it to also remove paint, paper, dirt, stickers and more.

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Infinite Switch - 6"

Part Number: 7403P238-60
Easy Part Number: EAP2089437

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Single Heating Element Support Clip

Part Number: WB2X9719
Easy Part Number: EAP243701

This metallic clip is used to help support the broil element. Sold individually.

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Surface Burner Terminal Block Kit

Part Number: WB17X210
Easy Part Number: EAP232606

This kit comes with the terminal block, mounting clip and wires.

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Part Number: 98008544
Easy Part Number: EAP898661

Sold individually.

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Hinge with Roller - Left Side

Part Number: WB14X103
Easy Part Number: EAP231611

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Hinge with Roller - Right Side

Part Number: WB14X104
Easy Part Number: EAP231612

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Surface Burner - 8" - 2100W

Part Number: WB30X255
Easy Part Number: EAP244016

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Oven Rack

Part Number: 7801P173-60
Easy Part Number: EAP2360328

Used in the lower oven. Sold individually.

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Surface Element - 2200W

Part Number: 8523694
Easy Part Number: EAP559026

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Dual Radiant Surface Element with Limiter

Part Number: 12002144
Easy Part Number: EAP2003600

With this element, you can adjust the size of the burner you want to use to match your pots/pans.