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White-Westinghouse Appliance Parts

White-Westinghouse Appliance Parts

Don't let a broken White-Westinghouse Appliance ruin your day. Repair your Appliance with parts from EasyApplianceParts.com. We offer low prices, award winning service and same day shipping on all White-Westinghouse Appliance parts to help you repair any of your home appliances.

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Dispenser Crusher Housing

Part Number: 241885001
Easy Part Number: EAP2378689

This part may look different or be a different color than the original, but will fit and function the same as the original part.

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Water Filter

Part Number: WF1CB
Easy Part Number: EAP503619

Sold individually.

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Meat Drawer Rail - Left Side - White

Part Number: 240349701
Easy Part Number: EAP429945

Mounting screws not included.

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Defrost Timer - 60Hz 120V

Part Number: 215846602
Easy Part Number: EAP423801

This defrost timer will cycle for thirty minutes after every eight hours of run time.

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Rear Drum Bearing Kit

Part Number: 5303281153
Easy Part Number: EAP459829

This kit includes one bearing, one ball shaft, one ball bearing, one ball bearing retainer, a small tube of high temperature lubricant and installation screws.

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Crisper Drawer Cover - NO Glass

Part Number: 240350903
Easy Part Number: EAP2361213

This part contains molded glide rails for the crisper pan. It does not come with the glass shelving. The glass is not included. Must be ordered separately.

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Hex Head Screw

Part Number: 5304455650
Easy Part Number: EAP1532376

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Fresh Food Door Gasket

Part Number: 241872513
Easy Part Number: EAP2331952

This white fresh food door gasket is used to seal the refrigerator door when closed to keep the cool air inside and the room air outside.

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Ice Maker - 115V

Part Number: 241798201
Easy Part Number: EAP2358762

This ice maker makes radius cubes.

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Drum Belt

Part Number: 134503600
Easy Part Number: EAP1148434

This 87-3/4" long dryer drum belt goes around the dryer drum and the pulley to rotate the drum once motor is activated.

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Part Number: 240383406
Easy Part Number: EAP1525986